CNS Almirante Montt Returns to Valparaiso from Canadian Charter

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For the third time in its history and after two and a half months, the AO-52 “Almirante Montt” Oil Tanker of the Chilean Navy returned to its base port in Valparaíso, after making important support to submarines and ships of the Royal Armada de Canadá (RCA), during the training phase, fulfilling the bilateral ties maintained by both nations and their naval institutions.

The reason for requesting the participation of the Chilean vessel is due to its capacity to refuel in the high seas to the units of the Canadian Navy, and to transport 42 thousand tons of cargo, becoming with its 206 meters of length (long) in the ship largest of our country.

Captain Rene Rojas, Petroleum Commander “Montt” commented on the work they did during the commission, “they brought people on board and we did a typical training of what we do so that afterwards they can operate in their oil tanker. is about to leave the service. The truth is that with the Canadian Navy we have a fairly close relationship, not only in this training activity, but there are also some Canadian officers on board ships in the south of Chile for navigation training, apart from this operation there are other things more that unite us.”

First sailor Leslie Navea, ship’s radarist, who performs the function of operating the ship’s radars and verifying safe navigation, commented that, “we are few women specialists, I was fortunate to arrive on board, it has been a good experience and a nice specialty. ”

At the opportunity in the molo de shelter of Valparaiso, the staff reunited with their families after not seeing each other for several weeks, experiencing moments of emotion between hugs of parents and children.

Part of the training was conducted in the area of ​​Hawaii with the Canadian frigates “Winnipeg” and “Ottawa”, which were used simultaneously to practice the procedures of transfer of fuel in the high seas, with the aim of training the endowments of the new oil tankers that the North American country will incorporate into the service. The “Montt” has five fuel transmission stations and two cargo stations, and can store about 21,161 cubic meters. It was Sergeant Segundo Marcelo Mora, in charge of the ship’s satellite communications who commented on the fundamental role of families during the commissions, “this year I was assigned to Admiral” Montt “, I am a native of Cauquenes and my family is from there, my lady in particular is the one who carries the biggest burden with our children,

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